[Update: Looks like all of the cameras they had are completely gone now.] Once every blue moon, RED puts a truckload of lightly used cameras on sale, giving customers a chance to snag one at a highly reduced price. Well, No Film Schoolers, right now just so happens to be one of those times, as Jarred Land posted on his Facebook page that RED just received a few varieties of their cameras back, each with less than 5 hours of total use, and that those cameras are now available first come, first serve at a reduced price (and the deal will not be on their website).

Save Huge on Battle Tested SCARLET and DRAGON

Jarred has updated since posting this almost 24 hours ago, and has said the SCARLET DRAGONs are now gone, so it's just SCARLET MX and DRAGON M (all of these include the side SSD and Canon mount):

We finally got back the truckload of Epic Dragons and Scarlet MXs from the military thing... Selling them off as "Battle Tested".. less than 5 hours of use on each camera. All checked out as new and comes with battle-tested Warranty. Dragon M-s $21,500, Scarlet Dragons $11,500 ( only a few left ) , and Scarlet MXs $7100 includes side SSD and Canon mount. First come, first serve like last time... This deal wont appear on our website.. you need to email orders@red.com or email/call your RED rep.

If you've been thinking about pulling the trigger on a RED camera, but were just waiting for a sign of some sort, there is no better time than now pick one up at a reduced price. For the rest of us, I guess we'll just have to wait until the next truckload.

Link: Jarred Land - Facebook

[via Cinescopophilia]