Premiere Pro saw the majority of the updates in today's release. For a quick rundown on what's new, here's Adobe's Al Mooney:

For anybody who's worked extensively inside of Premiere Pro, you know that media and metadata management have never been the program's strong suit. However, in this most recent update, Adobe has made some serious strides in beefing up its media management features. Here's a brief rundown from Adobe's new features PDF.

Automatically generate new bins based on search criteria, including Advanced Timeline Search. Search bins update automatically as you add new content to your projects. Streamline large projects with Consolidate & Transcode. Bring everything you need into one workspace with new Multi-project workflows: open media and sequences from other projects and bring existing clips, edits, transitions, or graphics directly into your current project.

Our friend Vashi Nedomansky has been taking the new update of Premiere Pro for a test-ride on an upcoming music video. Here's a list of what he likes about the added functionality.

  1. Open multiple projects without importing all the assets
  2. Create Search Bins with metadata to better organize assets
  3. Cineform, Phantom CINE, Canon RAW, AJA RAW, 4/5/6K+ native support
  4. GPU boost for unleashing of more codecs in real-time playback
  5. Multiple colors for markers in timeline and source monitor. Movable markers
  6. Feathered masks in Program monitor with on screen GUI for all effects
  7. Larger text size in the Project Panel. Regular, Med, Large and Largest 

Here's another screenshot from Vashi's post that shows off some features.

Vashi%20adobe%20full%20resCredit: Vashi Visuals

In addition to the major enhancements to Premiere Pro CC, Adobe also added new functionality throughout their full line of Creative Cloud video applications. To get the full rundown on what's new, check out this PDF and their full press release.

Source: Adobe Press Release