The video above is teasing a Sony announcement on September 12th for a brand new camera, one which we believe already leaked last week. Judging by the leaked photo, we know it's going to be a 4K XAVC E-mount camera with XQD card slots:

Sony FS700 Replacement 4K XAVC

We have also found out that this will not actually replace the FS700, but will likely sit alongside it:

It will be interesting to see how this camera fits in with the F5, which does not have internal 4K (though a hack has enabled it), and costs significantly more than this XDCAM model is supposed to. We've heard rumors of both 4K RAW outputs and a price under $10,000, but we'll find out soon enough when the new camera is announced next week. Sony has a sign-up page if you'd like to find out right when the camera is announced, though we'll be sure to be right on it when it does happen.