You might be a rockstar at editing video footage in your NLE of choice, but if you're like me and you get a little anxious every time you look at all of the options in audio, then this video is definitely for you. This is the third installment of Filmmaker IQ's incredibly informational and accessible series, and host John P. Hess walks you through several basic effects, like equalizers, compressors, and noise reduction to give you a better understanding of how to work with audio in post-production.

Probably one of the first audio effects I ever tried to create was one that mimicked what a voice sounds like on the other end of a phone, which, thanks to my purile, teenage brain, was a complicated, and ultimately unfruitful endeavor. Years later, while editing the audio for a short film I worked on in college, I combed the internet for tutorials on how to make one of my tracks sound like it was coming from an old radio from the 1940s. I couldn't replicate my process if I tried, but most of that is due to the fact that I didn't learn the basics of 1.) the science of sound, and 2.) how to edit it using the tools professionals use in their work -- which is what Filmmaker IQ is offering to teach us in their 6-part series.

Of course, watching a 15-minute video won't automatically make you Walter Murch, but it'll certainly familiarize you with the techniques and tools that will set you on the path toward professional sound editing/design.

Again, if you've missed the first two installments, it might do your brain some good to start from the beginning to lay a solid foundation. Check out our coverage below:

Source: Filmmaker IQ