Wally Pfister, Janusz Kaminski, and Phedon Papamichael, three of Hollywood's finest and most prolific cinematographers, recently put together a website called Advanced Filmmaking, which aims to fill the knowledge gaps left by a traditional film school education. Here's the trailer for the site:

At this point, you're probably wondering what kind of educational content is offered by Advanced FIlmmaking, and more importantly, how much it will cost you. The site features lengthy and uncut video interviews not only with the three aforementioned DPs, but also with successful directors, producers, editors, gaffers, and production designers who have made names for themselves in the industry.The videos cover a wide sampling of non-technical topics ranging from how to get your start in the industry and how to build a professional network to strategies for creative collaboration and maintaining balance between personal and professional lives. These are the types of topics that you would be hard-pressed to find clear and concise information about outside of a resource such as Advanced Filmmaking.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to embed any of the sample content from the site, but you can check out some free interviews with Wim Wenders and Alexander Payne to get a sense of the type of content offered by Advanced Filmmaking.

Now for the pricing. Unlike some of the other online educational resources for filmmakers like Shane's Inner Circle, which charge a monthly fee for access to the content, Advanced Filmmaking offers its content on a pay as you go basis. So if you feel like hearing Pfister, Kaminski, and Papamichael riff on technology and equipment, you can watch the 50-minute video for $4 via Vimeo On Demand. If you want to know where to place a key light or how to motivate your camera movement, the videos offered by Advanced FIlmmaking don't have much to offer. However, if you're looking for practical advice on how to build a successful and sustainable career in the film industry, these videos are definitely worth a few bucks a piece.

You can learn more over on the Advanced Filmmaking website.

Source: Advanced Filmmaking