You might remember Fourgrounds Media's The Auteurs of Christmas from last December -- a video that helped us all visualize what it'd be like it the great auteurs of cinema, like Scorsese and Kubrick, directed Christmas morning. Well, these creative folks are back with The Auteurs of Christmas 2, this time recreating the visual styles of directors like Charlie Chaplin, Tarantino, Lynch, Godard, and many, many more.

Check it out below:

This sequel doesn't simply spoof famous scenes and/or tropes from these directors' most popular movies, like the Inception gift box, the backwards speaking from Lynch's Twin Peaks, or the bold reds and blues (and French-speaking) in Godard's films. It also pays homage to their cinematic style. For instance, you've got Terrence Malick's slow motion shots, Michael Bay's anamorphic lens flares (and explosions), and Tarantino's classic trunk POV shot.

If Fourgrounds ever comes out with The Auteurs of Christmas 3, which directors would you like to see be spoofed? (My vote's for Harmony Korine.)

Source: Fourgrounds Film