Premiering at Santa Barbara 2014, Mount Joy is an independent drama about a local band in Lancaster, PA preparing itself to go on tour when the lead singer's girlfriend (and band manager) disappears. When we interviewed Mount Joy's director Jack Lewars for our FILMMAKER PASS series last year, he also spoke about the dilemma of not having name talent during the sales process. This seems to be one of the biggest issues that independent films face: How can filmmakers bring new talent and fresh voices to forefront when distributors are mostly just looking for recognizable talent to push the movie?

Most of us won't have name talent attached to our projects at first. We're all trying to discover new ways and new talent to tell our stories, and we're just gonna have to keep pushing through until sales agents get better at recognizing the long-term value of up and coming talent.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Mount Joy's distribution process or catch a screening (if you're in Philadelphia).

Video edited by Anthony Stock 

Source: Mount Joy Movie