Valentine's Day isn't for everyone, but since it's coming up this weekend (and since we're all being exposed to saccharine displays of romance anyway), why not check out a marriage proposal that will make us all feel completely inadequate as both a filmmaker and lovers?

This video comes from filmmaker Dave Wallace, who proposed to his girlfriend and creative collaborator of almost 4 years the only way a filmmaker really can. Be prepared -- you're about to witness something completely and utterly adorable.

We were able to catch up with Dave to ask him about his work, his girlfriend LJ, and why he decided to pop the question to her in this creative way:

As most filmmakers know, doing what you love can take a big toll on other aspects of your life. You have to manage your time and create a good balance with the people you care about. I met LJ on-set almost 4 years ago. Not only has she supported me while I pursue what I love to do, but she has actively been a part of it. Her passion for acting gives us constant opportunity for collaboration. To date, she has been in over 30 of my music videos and commercials. We’ve spent so much time on-set together, it felt like the perfect place to have a little fun with a proposal.


We definitely love to talk about cameras, movies, and all things cinema on this site, but I think it's important to occasionally address issues that are a little more personal that gear and cinematography. Filmmaking is certainly not a 9 to 5 job and that can take a serious toll on our relationships, romantic or otherwise, so finding a balance between our professional and personal lives is integral to finding success with both. It's reassuring to see how one filmmaker is managing to do just that.

A big thanks to Dave for sharing his story with us and a big congrats on his engagement! (Thanks for making us all look bad.)

Can you top this wedding proposal story? How has filmmaking affected your relationships and how do you deal with it? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Dave Wallace