If you're working on a smaller set (or you're trying to become a grip yourself), knowing how to deal with C-stands the right way will help make sure the set runs more smoothly and nobody gets hurt. I know some of you grips out there may have your own specific ways of working (and you're probably going to tell us about it), but these videos below are a great introduction to this fantastic tool.

First up, this video with Eric Jang goes through different types of stands and the best way to use them:

Shane Hurlbut also recently posted this video, and while it is sponsored specifically by Matthews, the information is useful regardless of the brand you use:

Putting a sand bag or two on the stand is important even if you're just throwing up a 2' x 3' solid as a sider. It's also important to make sure that your sand isn't touching the ground (regardless of the stand you put it on) as it won't be putting its full weight on the stand. There is almost always a solution to do things in a safe way, and when there isn't, you probably shouldn't do it. 

Source: Hurlbut Visuals