Personally I'm a big Colorista fan, which is a deceptively simple plugin — at first glance it seems like a glorified three-way color corrector (something that's built-in for many NLEs), but it offers much more advanced features like a keyer (to restrict corrections to certain colors), HSL wheels, and secondary corrections. The new version is also GPU-powered for better playback performance. Looks is good for when you want a really strong over-the-top look (don't overdo it, though!), and Film is a new tool from Red Giant that joins others in offering film stock emulation. The suite also includes new versions of Cosmo and Mojo (which are fast-and-dirty skin-smoothing and grading tools, respectively), and includes the current versions of Denoiser (self-explanatory!) and LUT Buddy (a tool for creating and exporting Look Up Tables). Here's a quick look:

No Red Giant launch would be complete without an entertaining launch film, and this iteration brings in none other than No Film School favorite Patton Oswalt as narrator:

Here's the behind-the-scenes of how they made it, with Aharon Rabinowitz and director Seth Worley. There are a lot more VFX than you'd think!

Magic Bullet Suite 12

Magic Bullet Suite 12 includes 7 tools:


  • Full: $799
  • Upgrade: (from previous versions of Color Suite/Magic Bullet Suite) $199
  • Academic: $399


  • Host-App: All of the tools work in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and more  – but it varies by host application.
  • OS: All tools work on both Windows and Mac.
  • Check the individual product pages for specific host-app and OS compatibility.

You can buy each product individually, but like Adobe Creative Cloud, most people will find use for the full suite.

Source: Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite