FOR-A, a Japanese video and audio technology company, recently announced that they would bring the FT-ONE-S, a significantly smaller remote head version of its signature FT-ONE 4K high-speed camera, to NAB in the coming weeks. The FT-ONE, for those who need a refresher, is a 4K high-speed digital cinema camera with a Super 35mm-sized global shutter sensor. In full 4K resolution, it can record a whopping 900fps — you can see what that looks like here (keep in mind this is not the new camera):

Here is a spec comparison between the two, with the new camera coming in nearly 5 pounds lighter:


It also the ability to connect to broadcast control surfaces through fiber optic cabling, a feature which has been used for major sporting events such as the 2013 Super BowlThe recently announced FT-ONE-S takes a somewhat different approach than its predecessor. Where the original FT-ONE had the option for built-in SSD's to capture that data, the FT-ONE-S needs to be optically-tethered to a proprietary base station (ideally located in a broadcast booth or truck). Additionally, the new version will be limited to 360fps at full 4K resolution. Here's what the a basic FT-ONE-S production workflow might look (you can see the full specifications here):

FOR-A ST-ONE-S High-Speed Camera Workflow

The FT-ONE-S is clearly aimed at live-event broadcast as opposed to cinema production, whereas the original was a bit more split between the two styles. However, it's interesting to see that the recent trend of downsizing the size of camera bodies — like the ALEXA Mini — is moving into broadcast territory as well. It'll be interesting to see how this technology will influence the world of broadcast production. Perhaps our sports broadcasts will soon contain high resolution, slow motion replays from angles that would have been previously impossible to capture with larger cameras.

If you want to read more about the FT-ONE-S, head on over to FOR-A's website.

Source: FOR-A