What does this have to do with Stanley Kubrick and lenses? Well, if Kubrick was a gym bro, he'd certainly have a very well-rounded, very rippled, very toned physique -- with calves like tree trunks and quads like -- even bigger tree trucks.

In this short video, hosted by Joe Dunton, who served as Kubrick's camera advisor on Eyes Wide Shut, we get up close and personal with the lenses that made the director's work so iconic and unique.

We've covered Kubrick's lenses before, namely the Zeiss f/0.7 he used for the candlelit scene in Barry Lyndon, but this video provides an exhaustive look into the gear bag of the great director. It's truly interesting to see how particular the ol' perfectionist filmmaker truly was when it came to the tools he was working with -- modifying and customizing his favorite lenses to fit his favorite camera, the Arriflex IIC.

What are your favorite lenses to shoot with? Do you find yourself skipping leg day? Let us know down in the comments!

Source: Eyes on Cinema