SmallHD Sidefinder EVF Loupe for 502 Monitor

The accessory is called the Sidefinder, and it's essentially an EVF loupe specifically designed for the 502 monitor. While SmallHD has experimented with EVF attachments for their monitors in the past with the DP4, the Sidefinder is far more fully-featured (mostly because the 502 monitor has loads of features and an excellent display). The Sidefinder attachment itself has tons of features, including an adjustable field of view and a mounting bracket that has mounting options suitable for just about every rig out there including ARRI Rosette, 15mm rod, and 1/4"20 mounts.

Here are the launch videos for the Sidefinder and 502 monitor:

And here are some basic features:

SmallHD Sidefinder EVF Loupe for 502 Monitor

  • Higher Resolution: 720p EVF/1080p LCD
  • Increased Signal Processing: HDMI/SDI In and out + Cross Conversion
  • Customizable Viewing: Adjustable Field-of-View, Adjustable Diopter
  • Advanced Software: 3D LUTs, Scopes, Waveform, Image Capture, and more...
  • Many Mounting Options: Integrated EVF Mounting Bracket (NATO Rail, ARRI Rosette, 15mm Rod, 1/4” 20)
  • Added Durability: Shock-Mounted Display + Circuit Board

The 502 monitor and Sidefinder are almost undoubtedly going to become favorites for lower-budget filmmakers using DSLRs and mirrorless cameras who can't or don't want to afford something like the Zacuto Gratical EVF. An added benefit (beyond the extremely small size and low profile) is that it really is a two-in-one solution that offers a fully-featured external monitor as well as a viewfinder. For solo operators, that single solution pretty much covers any and all monitoring needs that you might have outside of additional monitors for directors or clients.

No word on pricing or availability for either the 502 monitor or Sidefinder yet, but we'll almost certainly know more within the next week as NAB updates roll through the filmmaking blogosphere.

Source: SmallHD