Knowing this, Sony has teamed up with filmmakers and artists, including Vine star Zach King and directors Wilkins & Maguire, to bring you the "Never Before Seen" campaign, a series of films that not only showcases the capabilities of the Sony Action Cam, but also celebrates the unique and, yes, largely unseen perspective that action cams allow shooters to see. These films range from experiments, stunts, short documentaries, sport-related adventures, and short stories.

The campaign has kicked off with the release of four films (so far), Picture Machine, Paperports, Creature, and TKO. Check them out below, along with BTS videos from the last two:

Picture Machine




If you're wondering how an action cam can produce images like the ones in the films above, check out these specs:

  • 4K at 100mbps
  • Steady Shot Image Stabilization
  • 170° Ultra-wide angle lens
  • Stereo Mic and Wind Noise reduction
  • Live-View Remote lets you fully operate Action Cam through a wrist-mounted accessory
  • GPS Data Overlay adds route and speedometer data directly onto the video so you can track every step of your journey.

The remaining films from the "Never Before Seen" campaign will continue to be released as time goes on both on Sony's YouTube channel and its accompanying site. Behind-the-scenes media, directors' comments, and a bunch of other supplementary material will also be made available on the "NBS" website, so be sure to check it out to learn how the Action Cam was used, both during production and in post, to make the films with such beautiful imagery.

Source: Never Before Seen