The biggest news for filmmakers here is the 5K iMac, which just became a little more affordable (in a very loose interpretation of that word). When it initially launched last fall, the base model for the 5K iMac came in at $2500. As of today, that exact model is $2300. Apple also announced a new stripped down version of the 5K iMac, which has most of the same hardware as the original, but has a slightly slower processor and comes with a traditional spinning drive instead of Apple's Fusion Drive. That new model clocks in right at $2000.

The other major announcement is that the 15-inch Macbook Pro got a few upgrades in line with the ones afforded to the 13-inch models earlier in the year. The 15-inch models now come with longer battery life (up to an hour longer), faster SSDs, and the Force Touch trackpad, which offers a more tactile and nuanced way to interact with your content. Here's a quick look at the Force Touch trackpad from The Verge.

Lastly, the high-end model of the 15-inch Macbook Pro now boasts higher graphics performance thanks to a new discrete GPU. Unlike the iMacs, which all got less expensive, these new Macbook Pros actually got a slight bump up in price, with the base models now starting at $2000 and $2500 respectively.

Source: Apple