As is the case with most of the fantastic Soundworks Collection videos, this one takes us deep into the minds and specific thought processes behind the sound designers, mixers, and recordists for some of today's biggest films. This particular video features Christopher Boyes, Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer from Skywalker Sound who has won multiple Academy Awards (and been nominated for a few others) for his work on several major films.

Here's trailer for the film, in case you haven't already seen it:

What fascinates me about the sound design of these massive Hollywood films is the level of depth and forethought that goes into even the smallest decisions. Not only are the sound designers and mixers working to create individually tailored sound signatures for each and every character on the screen, but they're creating these sounds with the end goal not of creating the loudest and most badass explosions, but of having the sound design be a pure reflection of the characters' innermost turmoil and conflict. That's an extremely powerful concept, and a difficult one to internalize, but it's undeniable that it can have an emotional and even visceral effect on the audiences who hear it, especially when the films are mixed for something completely immersive like Dolby Atmos.

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Source: Soundworks Collection