Director George Miller, who has been at the helm of all three previous Mad Max films, has returned for Fury Road, and claims that a majority of the effects in the film were practical. Check out some of the insane stunts they did for real in this almost-20 minute BTS video:

Here are some trailers for the film:

And two quick featurettes:

It's great to see another blockbuster of sorts trying to do things in the most realistic way possible, as effects-heavy comic book films have certainly taken over mainstream cinemas. Seeing tons of CGI characters destroy each other, while novel at first, can be quite mind-numbing after you've seen it a few dozen times across a dozen different movies.

It would have been interesting to see what kinds of tools the camera team would have utilized if this film was shot a few years later (they started in 2012), as they mostly relied on ARRI ALEXAs (both the full-sized and ALEXA M bodies), as well as Canon 5D Mark IIs for crash cam shots. What's clear is that this is a film that looks like few others out there, and we'll find out next week if the three year wait since principal photography finished has been worth it.