If you're a fan of film history, you'll probably be into this Kickstarter campaign. Valmont Achalme, a former fashion photographer and inventor, has created The Lumigraphe, a device that utilizes the same technology as a camera obscura -- but for your smartphone. It's essentially a collapsable box that attaches to your phone (iPhones and most Androids) and lets you record the projection inside the chamber, producing a distinctive color saturation and soft, dream-like focus.

Here's his Kickstarter video, as well as some tests shot to show you what kinds of images you can expect to pull from the device.

Here's a bit from the Lumigraphe's Kickstarter page:

The Lumigraphe is a camera obscura for your smartphone that authentically captures the beautiful effects of this historic optical device. Photos and videos shot with the Lumigraphe have a distinct look defined by beautiful color saturation and a soft, dream-like focus. The natural grain and delicate vignette create a quality that feels like film - with a depth and texture beyond anything you can make with a digital filter.

Prices range from about $100 to $2800 depending on which reward you choose. The $88 reward gets you a Lumigraphe Cube (earlybird only), which is non-collapsable, but the collapsable version will run you about $200. Custom and specialty designs are available if you feel like shooting in style, as well.

Of course, the Lumigraphe is probably not going to make it into your normal rotation of cameras you use on your projects (unless you're into making avant-garde or experimental films), but if you're a collector and lover of vintage/unique/specialty/rare cameras, then you might want to shell out a few clams to get your hands on this thing.

Source: Lumigraphe Kickstarter Campaign