We still can't record straight to a RAW CinemaDNG format yet, but the Sony FS700 and FS7 can now go from the RAW 4K signal to a 4K ProRes or DNxHR format up to 30fps with the Shogun (you'll still need the XDCA-FS7 module to output RAW). Though this isn't quite as powerful as RAW, it's still a huge step up from recording internally, and you get a file that can be played and edited on many systems immediately. There are two options for recording the RAW signal, allowing you to get either a log file or a Rec709 file, depending on your needs in post. 

In addition, Atomos has added quite a few anamorphic de-squeeze modes, which is really necessary when shooting with anamorphic lenses, as plenty of lower-end cameras don't have de-squeeze built-in so it's difficult to accurately frame. They've also added pre-roll and custom LUTs on output, both of which should make the Shogun more versatile in far more situations (it's unclear if pre-roll will have any effect on consumption for the power-hungry Shogun, and I don't have one with me at the moment to test it out).

Atomos Shogun 6.4 Pre-Roll

Here are the big features in this new AtomOS 6.4 Update:

  1. FS700 & FS7 4K-DCI RAW to ProRes/DNxHR recordUsers can take the RAW 4K-DCI feed from the SDI output on the Sony FS7 and FS700 and record direct to 4K-DCI ProRes or DNxHR. The linear RAW feed can be recorded as Slog2, Slog3 or Rec709 and can support 24/25/30p resolution. For the army of FS700 users in the field this is the feature they have been waiting for, converting their HD camera into a 4K powerhouse.
  2. Anamorphic de-squeeze for 2x, 1.5x, 1.33x and the specific Panasonic 8:3 mode supportAnamorphic was one of the key trends from this year's NAB, led by a mass of new anamorphic lenses and the announcement from Panasonic to add anamorphic squeeze to their popular GH4 camera. With this update the Shogun can de-squeeze an anamorphic image from 2x, 1.5x, 1.33x and Panasonic 8:3 modes. 
  3. Pre-roll recording of 8s HD, 2s 4KWith pre-roll activated the Shogun is continually cache recording – up to 8s for HD and 2s for 4K. Perfect for capturing action sports or long wildlife shoots, ensuring you always get the shot even if you hadn't hit record yet. Works in all modes including RAW.
  4. Custom time lapse recording: One of the most creative features added is video time lapse. With this feature users have complete control over their unique time lapse style with the ability to adjust the number of frames, time between capturing the next frame, total record time and clip playback length. The user interface has been well thought through to make the process easy and with the ability to set multiple steps, add a smooth transition and even schedule the recording time, capturing the perfect time lapse sunset is now a much easier task.
  5. LUTs able to be applied on output, in recording, on screen and split screenSince February, Shogun users have been able to upload their own LUTs in a ".cube" file format to review and measure the effect on the monitor before recording. Now in OS6.4, additional LUT capability has been added with the ability to view the LUT on the output, on the screen, bake it in the recording and even view in half screen mode to see the direct result of the LUT on the final image.
  6. Expanded meta data taggingWe have expanded the meta data capability of the Shogun to allow for on the fly tagging wither during recording or during review in playback. The 10 meta data tags available (Favorite, Reject, Talent 1, Talent 2, Over Exposed, Color Correct, Bad Audio, Cut Away, Close up, Wide shot) allow for key word search in FCPX and can be transferred across to Adobe and AVID using readily available online tools.
  7. Genlock activated: The Genlock terminal on the back of the Shogun has been activated to allow for synchronized playout and playback.
  8. Playlist generationThe ability to record, playback and review quickly on set has been an integral feature of Shogun and now with playlist functionality the process for reviewing rushes and favourite scenes on set is easier than ever. Play all movies in recorded order, or hand select a playlist for playback in any order – either your choice of multiple clips, just the Favorite sections of a clip or a combination of both. This functionality makes the Shogun one of the most affordable 4K play out server solutions available on set.

You can download the update by clicking here.

Source: Atomos Support