We knew the time was going to come sometime this summer, and with little notice, it's nearly upon us. If you own a RED, you should have already gotten an email, but the company has announced that Tuesday, June 30th will be the last day that a RED SCARLET or EPIC can be sent in to get a DRAGON sensor upgrade. While theoretically they have the ability to continue doing upgrades as long as they want, what they've said is that not only does it get more expensive as the volume of upgrades decreases, but that they need to make room for all of the WEAPON upgrades that are going to begin soon. 

Here's the text from their email:

RED will be halting the RED DRAGON® sensor upgrade line at the end of this month. Cameras must either be sent directly to the Irvine, CA facility or dropped off at a RED global location, with an arrival date no later than June 30th, for upgrade processing. 

Upgrading to the 6K RED DRAGON sensor allows for: 

  • Future upgrade path through WEAPON®
  • Modular OLPF system allowing for even greater flexibility and creative control
  • Compatible with the REDCAST™ Module—allowing for both streaming 4K broadcast and 3D LUTs
  • Ability to pull 19 MP stills from motion footage
  • Over 100 fps at 6K, ensuring that you never miss the perfect shot
  • Our most advanced color science ever, with improved dynamic range and low-light capabilities

Be sure to contact your Bomb Squad rep to place your RED DRAGON upgrade order before time runs out. 

They seem to indicate here that it actually needs to be in their hands by June 30th, and not just paid for, so be sure to contact your Bomb Squad rep immediately to make sure that if you want to upgrade, the camera is sent out or dropped off as soon as possible. I'd be surprised if they weren't a little lenient a day or so depending on extenuating circumstances, especially if you're money is paid in full, but either way, if you want to upgrade your MX sensor, this will be the last chance.

Check out the link here for more.

Upgrade RED Camera to DRAGON