Tony Zhou has mostly focused on the world of live-action film, but this time he explores the work of Academy Award-winning animator and director Chuck Jones:

The way Jones was able to evolve over his career and learn what worked best for each of his characters is likely one of the reasons his animations stand up so well today. One of the best lessons here is really applicable to any art form, and it's something I've also heard from plenty of auteur film directors. He encouraged people around him to have interests outside of movies, to study art and life, and to read.

Something that happens a lot with people's early films is that they tend to closely emulate movies and filmmakers they admire. There's nothing wrong with this of course, but to truly grow as an artist, you have to find your own voice, and I think that's what Chuck was really getting at when he was encouraging his colleagues to look at the world around them. 

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Source: Tony Zhou