Not only is Convergent Design cutting prices by almost 50% in some places for their SSDs, but they've opened up 3rd party media for use with all of their recorders (you'll still need two at once depending on the recording setting and camera you're using). They will also be adding to what you get with a 7Q+ package. Overall, it's now going to be significantly cheaper to record with the Odyssey, which will certainly help ease the price on a complete package once you factor in the additional software recording licenses you may need (or want).

In addition, here is what will now be included in the 7Q+ package:

Starting today, July 1st, the Convergent Design Odyssey7Q+ will ship with one 256GB Odyssey SSD included. A five-pack kit of SSD handles for use with qualified 3rd party SSDs (see below) is now included with each Odyssey7Q+. Convergent Design has further added a 4K-ready HDMI cable and adapter, as well as an Ultra-Thin 3G-SDI cable, to the universal AC power supply included with the Odyssey7Q+. All accessories are available for separate purchase from any Convergent Design dealer.

Check out the new prices for the Convergent Design SSDs (old prices are in parentheses):

Five third-party SSDs are now qualified to work in the Odyssey recorders:

To use third-party SSDs, you'll want these drive handles that sell for $25 for a pack of five (and will come with new purchases of 7Q+ recorders):

Convergent Design Drive Handle Set CD-SSD-HANDLE5PK

So what's the difference between these SSDs and the ones that Convergent Design sells? Obviously if you buy an SSD off the shelf, Convergent Design hasn't had a chance to test that specific drive, just that series of drive. While they warranty their own SSDs, you're essentially on your own with the third-party media, just like with other recorders that use non-proprietary media like the Atomos Shogun. It's also worth noting that the recorder will only work with certified Convergent Design SSDs and the Samsung SSDs listed above.

The 7Q and 7Q+ are still the only non-Sony solutions for recording straight to 4K CinemaDNG with the FS700 and FS7, even with the new Atomos update that gives you access to the RAW stream.

Check out more on the Convergent Design site, and if you don't own one already, you can get them at resellers like B&H.

Convergent Design Drive Handle Pack

Source: Convergent Design