Call sheets let your cast and crew know where they need to be and when during filming -- so, yeah -- they're pretty important if you want to effectively assemble your team on a given day of shooting. If you don't know how to read one (or fill one out), this video from RocketJump Film School tells you everything you need to know:

Not all productions need as detailed a call sheet as the one used in the video -- if I would've busted one of these babies out during a production meeting with my college buddies, they would've said I was trying too hard and left me to pay the bar tab. Call sheets are meant to inform your team of all pertinent information for a day of shooting, so you'll probably want to make sure to include (at least) the following stuff on yours:

  • Call times
  • Locations
  • Parking information
  • Where base camp is
  • What scenes are being shot
  • Which actors are in which scenes
  • Lunch time
  • Directions to nearest hospital
  • Weather info
  • Contact info
  • Next day's schedule

RocketJump is working on making the call sheet they used in the video available to the public, but until then, you can check out this free template download.

Source: RocketJump Film School