After six years, the No Budget Film Festival has seen its fair share of films with low-to-no budgets. In anticipation of this year's festival, complete with a ton of free events for filmmakers, NBFF compiled this list of low-budget film tips from filmmakers who've made successful no-budget films.

No Budget Film Festival filmmakers elaborate on the following four tips:

  1. Use What You Have
  2. Use Craft Services to Your Benefit
  3. Prep Time is Free, Use It!
  4. Limitations Inspire Creativity - So Don’t Let Money Be An Issue!

Thinking about a low-budget project you want to embark on that could make good use of these tips? If you're in the LA area, you're in luck. The Bonus Features component of No Budget Film Festival, a pop-up events series celebrating all things cinema, are completely free and open to the public. From the rise of hand-held cinema to make-up and costume on a dime, there's a variety of Bonus Feature talks, creative sessions, and stunt games for you all across the city. Here's topics in the line-up:

  • VERSUS: Action Star Capture the Flag: Oct 3rd @ Griffith Park
  • Design on a Dime: The Art | Film Challenge: Oct 4th @ Modern Vintage Today
  • Get the Message: Creating Socially Conscious Art That Doesn't Suck: Oct 10th  1:00pm-3:00pm Art Share LA
  • iFilmmaker: The Rise of Hand-Held Cinema: Oct 11th @ Third Street Promenade Apple Store

For more information on how to register for all the free events and more, check the official No Budget Film Festival site. About NBFF:

The No Budget Film Festival  challenges filmmakers to free themselves of the most frustrating aspect of filmmaking--raising money for a budget. So without cash, what do our filmmakers do? They get crafty. And resourceful. They certainly get creative.  But best of all, they collaborate and form inspired new networks of fellow artists and professionals.

The 6th Annual No Budget Film Festival happens on October 18, with Bonus Features taking place the two weekends prior to the fest.

Do you have experience using this tips, or have your advice for low budget filmmaking?

Source: No Budget Film Festival