With this announcement, DJI has alleviated any concerns that filmmakers looking to utilize the Osmo stabilizer with a more powerful camera would have to purchase the full Osmo bundle to do so. This means that owners of the DJI Inspire 1 will be able to take advantage of the Osmo immediately without having to shell out for a lower-end camera that wouldn't get used anyway. It also means that once DJI's highly anticipated Zenmuse X5 cameras hit the market, filmmakers will be able to purchase the camera and stabilizer separately.

The Osmo pistol grip and camera are expected to begin shipping alongside the bundle package in the next few weeks. The handle kit, packaged with battery, charger, and phone holder will sell for $270. The price for the Osmo handle without the additional accessories will be $220. The Osmo camera, without the handle, will be $440.

Source: DJI