Prodrone Byrd Folding Design

The most marketable aspect of the Byrd is its unique folding design, which allows for the drone to be folded down into a package that can be easily transported in a backpack. It also features an interchangeable gimbal mount, which means that the Byrd can be used with several different camera and gimbal configurations. Like most drone companies these days, ProDrone has its own app with a number of safety and ease-of-use features

At present, the Byrd comes in three distinct models. The Standard model comes with a built-in 1080p camera and only has 500m of transmission distance. It's also limited in a few other ways. The Advanced model comes with a GoPro mount, and features longer transmission and all of the advanced flying features. Lastly, the Premium model comes with ProDrone's own 4K camera, and all of the same features as the Premium model. Respectively, those will be retailing for $950, $1050, and $1400.

Here's the introductory video from ProDrone.

Chuck Fadely at News Shooter recently caught up with ProDrone spokesperson Nicolia Wiles at last week's PhotoPlus Expo in NYC to chat about the Byrd.

And here are the basic features of the Byrd, although more comprehensive specs and camera details can be found here:

  • Fully collapsible package
  • Longer flight time than comparable UAVs
  • Modular gimbal/camera options provide easily swappable combinations
  • Camera options include 4K, 1080, infrared, and GoPro
  • Multi-controller option allows for easy teaching and sharing of a single UAV
  • Screen sharing on up to three devices
  • Follow me technology
  • Advanced interior positioning
  • HD Transmission
  • Comprehensive safety features

It's unclear at this time whether the interchangeable gimbal mount on the bottom of the Byrd will ever be able to accommodate third-party gimbals and cameras. Personally, I expect that ProDrone will allow for this at some point, either by producing gimbals for third party cameras themselves, or by open sourcing the mount design so that third parties can design their own accessories. That way, they can assure that the Byrd will be compatible with new UAV cameras such as the DJI Zenmuse X5 and the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera, as well as any new cameras and gimbals that have yet to be announced.

The ProDrone Byrd is expected to begin shipping at the end of November, but is not yet available for preorder through any US retailers.

Source: ProDrone