By using the code JACKOLANTERN, you will save 15% on the refurbished order, even for items that have already been discounted (and if you pay with PayPal, use the code ONEPAL for free shipping). This is a great way to buy that Canon 5D Mark III or Canon 7D Mark II you've had your eye on. Here are some of the great deals on cameras:

It's not just cameras either, there are also some great deals on lenses:

If you're concerned about refurbished products, it's worth mentioning that I bought a Canon 5D Mark III 2 1/2 years ago and it's still working just as well as it ever has, and have never had an issue. It's a fantastic way to save a lot of money on Canon products that are as good as new since they've been checked out by Canon. 

Head on over to the refurbished store for more deals. 

Canon Refurbished DSLRs

Canon Refurbished Lenses

Canon Refurbished Speedlite Flashes

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