In this Academy Originals video, a number of acclaimed actors and filmmakers weigh in on the first movies that made them cry:

When you step back and think about it, it's amazing that film as a medium can literally bring people to tears. What we are seeing on screen is a complete fabrication — it's actors playing characters on fake sets with props. Yet if you're doing your job well, you can make people forget they're watching a movie. 

I'm not quite sure I remember the first movie, but I know one of the earlier ones is certainly Field of Dreams (mentioned by director Brian Percival in the clip above). Specifically, it's the moment when Ray has this final conversation with his Dad and asks if he'd like to play catch (I would imagine plenty of you get a little choked during this scene as well). It's a beautiful moment punctuated by the gorgeous score from the late James Horner:

How about you, what's the first movie that made you cry, or at least the first one you can remember?