In an epic blog post from Derek Lieu, the editor shared some of his most used shortcuts, tools, and techniques for faster editing in Premiere Pro. The video he included in that post combines three of my favorite things in this world: bumpin' music, tips for efficient editing, and adorable kitties. Check it out.

In the full post, Derek shares all of these tips in far more detail than in the video. He also includes the default keyboard shortcuts for each technique, his custom shortcut, and the equivalent in the other major NLEs (just in case you're not a Premiere user). Again, it's an epic post, and you should go check it out.

Here are a few favorites that I use often that have probably shaved countless hours off the time I've spent in front of my computer.

11. Swap Clips (Feature)
If you want to move a clip to another part of the timeline without creating a gap, hold (Cmd-Opt) and drag the clip to where you want it to go and the surrounding clips swap around.

Final Cut Pro 7 – First click and hold on the clip, THEN press (Option) and drag clip to where you want it.
Final Cut Pro X – Default behavior of Magnetic timeline, just drag and drop.
Avid Media Composer – Using the Yellow Arrow, drag the clip to where you want it to go.

24. Paste Attributes (Shortcut)
For when you have a clip that you’ve applied some effects or transformation properties to that you want to reuse. Just select the clip, hit “Copy” and use Paste Attributes on the clips that you want to put those on. I used that a lot for this blog post’s video because I wanted to copy the position and zoom of the clips.

My Setting – (Shift-V)
Default Setting – (Shift-Cmd-V)
Final Cut Pro 7 – Same
Final Cut Pro X – Same
Avid Media Composer – Does not exist, but if you put the
playhead over a clip with effects then from the Effect editor you can drag a copy to other clips.

What are your favorite tips, tricks, and techniques for editing more efficiently in Premiere (or any other NLE for that matter)? Share them with us down in the comments!

Source: Derek Lieu