If you're one of the many editors that have made the jump over to Premiere Pro in recent years, Emmy-winning editor Dylan Osborn has created some really handy cheat sheets that give you a birdseye view of every shortcut that you could ever need. First up, the default Premiere keyboard layout. Click the image to download the larger version, which you can print out and keep on your desk.

Adobe Premiere Pro Default Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet

Also, if you're one of the many folks who spent years with FCP7 and still have those keyboard shortcuts burned into your muscle memory, Dylan is also sharing a custom keyboard preset that you can add to Premiere that will give you a much better experience than the FCP7 preset that is built into the software. 

When you download the "FCP7 Advanced" layout (again by clicking the giant image below), you'll not only get the full-size image of the keyboard cheat sheet, but also a .kys file that you can add to your list of keyboard mappings. To make sure that the new mapping shows up in Premiere, copy the .kys file, navigate through this file structure — Documents/Adobe/Premiere Pro/(version #)/Profile-(computer name)/Mac — and copy it into that last folder. It should show up in Premiere after a restart of the program.

FCP Advanced Keyboard Layout for Premiere Pro - Dylan Osborn

So there you have it, two handy resources for those looking to be more efficient with their editing inside of Premiere. Thanks Dylan!

Source: Dylan Osborn