Since the language of cinema builds on itself, there are plenty of instances where shots or scenes feel similar, whether that was the intention or not. Vashi Nedomansky, who we've featured a number of times, has a new series of video essays, with the first one including a brief clip of Jurassic Park juxtaposed with The Right Stuff:

CINEMASH — A video essay that points out similarities in cinema. These similarities can be visual, sonic, story or thematic. No text or VO allowed. Maximum length of 24 seconds.

In fact, just after writing this, Vashi posted another:

It's also worth checking out some of his other terrific videos, like this one that features the opening scene of the TV show Hannibal with the script superimposed underneath it:

Watch the first 5 minutes of the pilot script superimposed against the final image. Crafting abstract visuals from creative screenwriting...

And here's another great video that gives us some background into the music of one of the more pivotal scenes in Star Wars:

Behind the scenes as composer John Williams wrote the score for The Empire Strikes Back. After viewing the final edit it took him 7 weeks to write the score before recording it with the London Symphonic Orchestra. This video focuses on the emotional scene where Han Solo is about to be frozen into Carbonite and shows the before and after of the filmmaking process.

For more of his videos, check out his Vimeo page, and also be sure to check out his website Vashi Visuals

Source: Vashi Visuals