LensTag, a free service designed to keep track of and recover stolen gear, published a study on stolen gear throughout 2015. Of course this data is based purely on what has been registered through their service, but reading this made me go sign up for an account. A few friends of mine have had gear stolen right out of their cars this year, and it's always pretty devastating. I put gear in the trunk or I keep a blanket over everything in my back seat to keep thieves at bay, and that's worked well so far. A LensTag registry of your gear, plus something like the Bluetooth StickNFind tags will help you track down the bastard who boosted your stuff. In the meantime, revel in some theft-centric stats:

LensTag Gear Stolen 2015

LensTag Most Stolen Gear 2015

What things do you do to keep your gear safe (especially in your car)? Have you had gear stolen this year?