First introduced during Apple's Watch event, GoPro has finally rolled out updates that allow you to preview your shot, toggle between capture modes, start/stop record, and add HiLight Tags all from the watch:

Join Mikey Taylor as he plays around with the new GoPro App for Apple Watch and new Trim & Share features in his native Los Angeles, CA. 

While this certainly isn't the cheapest way to operate a GoPro, if you've already got an Apple watch, it's definitely one of the more convenient ways instead of pulling out your phone — though you'll still need that for uploading footage if you choose to do that right away. All of this works through WiFi on the GoPro cameras, and though some models have a Touchscreen or the option of the LCD Bacpack, the Session does not have one that can attach. 

GoPro also overhauled both their iOS and Android apps, and you can pull still images directly from video — which is a great way to have a reference frame to come back to if you need to remove the cameras and put them back in the same spot for any reason. Here's what's new in iOS:

  • Now compatible with Apple Watch: Preview shots, control your camera, and add HiLight Tags all from your watch. 
  • Pull still images from videos: Quickly flip through a video frame-by-frame to find that epic moment and download a high-quality still image.
  • Find your media faster: Locate that awesome shot by filtering your media to display only photos, videos, HiLights, or clips.
  • Nearly everything is viewable on iOS: Enjoy your shot on the spot with a generated preview that allows you to view high frame-rate video on your phone. 

Android can do the still images, but obviously not the iOS specific options. Download the updates from the links below.

GoPro App — iOS

GoPro App — Android