As usual, the show contained a funny digital skit shot during the week of rehearsals, and this time, they decided to poke a little fun at the character Driver plays in Star Wars. Check out the spot here, and below, you can watch a behind the scenes video that gives a little idea of how it was shot, and how they pulled off the effect near the end with the force throw and soda machine:

The BTS video:

What's interesting is that they actually didn't bother removing the wire from Bobby Moynihan in the full video that aired. It's likely that the shot happens so fast it may just not have been worth the time to take out, since you can only see it in the hidden camera-style wide shot.

There's a particularly large green screen shot in the BTS video, and it's pretty easy to overlook in the final video as it's very seamless. What it looked like on set:

Undercover Boss- Starkiller Base Behind The Scenes Green Screen

Versus what it looked like in the final video:

Star Wars Undercover Boss- Starkiller Base - SNL Green Screen Replaced

Color grading was a huge part of the process here, as the raw footage is on the greener side. Specifically in the images above, it's striking just how much green spill as been taken out in the final shot. It just reinforces how important a good color session is to any project. As for the lighting, it looks like they had a few big soft sources hanging overhead, which you can spot in the image above and at the end of the BTS video. 

Source: Saturday Night Live