It's the 10th anniversary of the New Frontiers program at the Sundance Film Festival, and the festival brimming with VR, AR, and immersive films, projects, and installations. "It's cresting," said Brad Lichtenstein about VR outside the immersive experience Across the Line, where viewers experience walking through a line of protestors into a health clinic that provides abortions. Lichtenstein designed the experience with Nonny de la Peña and Jeff Fitzsimmons based on real footage and audio recorded outside health clinics across the country.

In Park City right now, people have been streaming in to see and interact with the immersive projects in the New Frontier building. But if you're not here you can still check out some cool films using a compatible Android device and the Sundance VR app made with Immersive Media's IM360.


From Lucy Walker's A History of Cuban Dance to Ridley Scott and Robert Stromberg's The Martian VR Experience, renknowned and new filmmakers alike are testing out the possibilities. If last year was the start of a real VR movement within Sundance programming, this year is a bellweather year. You can meet the artists in this Sundance YouTube playlist to get a peek at who is behind this year's rising tide of VR.

Here's the line-up of the Virtual Reality projects in the New Frontier slate. If you're in Park City, be sure to check them out!

Stay tuned for more on demos, screenings, and panels about the new screens and frontiers of immersive experiences and virtual reality.

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