When you see your buddy rocking a shiny, new C-300, while you're still kicking around an HVX-200 (me), it's enough to make a gal go crazy. But don't fret, you're not alone. We've all experienced gear envy at one point or another, so when director Dare Stevens sent us his short film Size Matters, which depicts two photographers trying to impress a beautiful woman with their packages -- camera packages, we knew we had to share it. Check it out below:

This is a true (and super embarrassing) story: I bought my first camera because of its size. Yeah. Of course, it had a lot of great features that I wanted, and the price was right, but if I'm honest, a lot of the reason why I chose it rather than some DSLR with interchangeable lenses was because I "wanted people to know I was a filmmaker, not a photographer." Ugh -- the hubris of youth, huh?

In the end, no, it really doesn't matter that much about what gear you're rocking. If you somehow got your hands on something awesome from the Canon C-series, sweet! (The filmmakers of Size Matters used a C-300. Ironic? Kind of?) If all you've got is the camera on your smartphone, sweet! The gear doesn't make the filmmaker. Imagination, creativity, ingenuity, and a ton of patience truly does.

In an age when people are making Sundance hits with iPhones, I think the excuse of "my gear sucks" has become quite tired. So get up,  dust off your shitty camera, and go out and shoot some stuff.