Visionary director Mateo St. Portugal and his crew set out to turn the cinematography world on its head by making the first feature film shot entirely on the Prius backup camera. They were kind enough to provide a behind-the-scenes look at their cinematic process, which will teach you how to frame your shots from the backseat, how to use proper etiquette when rousing your DP from a donut-induced coma, as well as how to avoid running your cast over. 

Check out the BTS featurette for Check Your Surroundings for Safety below:

This video comes from Mommy Comedy, an LA-based sketch comedy group headed up by Andrew Heder (who played Mateo) and Ryan Kelly (who played screenwriter Randall Hamms), and really -- it's the perfect thing to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Not only does it remind us that the quest for revolutionary filmmaking is sometimes outrageous, but it also pokes fun at the wild creative hubris found on many film sets. (Look at all those scarves! You know your ass ain't that cold, Mateo!) Aside from giving us all few laughs, maybe it'll help remind us to have fun on set and not to take ourselves (or filmmaking) so seriously.

Source: Mommy Comedy