If you're not caught up on RED's WEAPON camera system, they actually now have three separate models at the higher end of their new DSMC2 platform (that's in addition to the RAVEN and SCARLET-W cameras). All of the WEAPONs have 6K DRAGON sensors inside, but their bodies are made of different materials (which cost more the fancier you get). In addition, the Carbon Fiber models are the only ones capable of 4K ProRes, whereas the Magnesium model is limited to 2K ProRes. The flagship camera will ultimately be the 8K full-frame/Vista Vision WEAPON — but the rollout for that camera will take much longer. A few have gotten their hands on it already, and it's going to be used to shoot Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2

As for the Magnesium camera, Curt Pair, a long-time RED user, bought into the upgrade package, which includes a very nice laser-cut foam case:

Curt Pair RED WEAPON Magnesium Case 1

And he created what is a terrifically clever shirt in my opinion:

Curt Pair RED WEAPON Magnesium 2

The cameras all weigh about the same, but the spec difference comes at a huge price advantage. The upgrade package for Magnesium is around $30,000, with a new camera starting at $30K with nothing included. The next model up with 4K ProRes is the Woven Carbon Fiber WEAPON, which is around $50K for the upgrade, and starts at $50K for a new camera with nothing included. The internals of the Carbon Fiber models are much better, and capable of taking the 8K sensor — a side effect of which is 4K ProRes. The Magnesium may have an upgrade path to 8K (at least RED has discussed it), but it would likely cost more than going straight to a Carbon Fiber camera right away. 

It's unclear how many are shipping right now, but the images above are proof that these cameras are slowly finding their way into the hands of shooters.

Source: REDuser