However, through practice, tenacity, and dedicating yourself to learning everything you can about the magic of moving images, you can help yourself get closer to being the filmmaker you want to be. 

Director/DP Brandon Li, who has 6 Vimeo Staff Picks to his name, is presenting at this year's CineSummit, the largest free online filmmaking workshop in the world, and he will be offering a bunch of great tips for filmmakers looking to bolster their storytelling skills. CineSummit founder Aviv Vana has shared a small portion of his presentation in the video below:

Li's Vimeo page is full of videos that demonstrate his impeccable ability to capture beautiful images. Here's a video he did revealing the daily activities of the nomadic Kazakh people of Western Mongolia.

One of the most interesting and important things Li talks about in the CineSummit video above is the concept that each scene you capture is in and of itself a mini-story with not only a beginning, middle, and end, but some sort of change. What this change is depends on the film you're making.

If it's a short travel film in which montage, not dialog, tells the story (like Li's), then perhaps the change is more subtle than if it were a feature narrative film, like a change in weather (sunny to rainy) or a change in wardrobe (your subject putting on a fur coat). In the case of a feature, the change, or reversal, would be more bold, for instance when Darth Vader decides to attack Emperor Palpatine after fighting with Luke Skywalker.

Li has so much more insight to share, as well as the other 9 directors presenting at CineSummit. (They managed to squeeze one more presenter in at the last minute!) The 2-day event starts March 1st at 11am EST, so be sure to mark your calendars and register now. And remember, it's 100% free!

Source: CineSummit 2016