Mathieu Stern, the connoisseur of weird cheap lenses, is here to tell you just how great the Lomo T43 40mm f/4 vintage manual lens can be. It comes from the Lomo Smena 8mm camera (which you can find all over eBay for around $10 to $25).

Though the lens alone can be found for as little as $5, don't let its affordability fool you. This thing is powerful and can capture some stunning images. Check out Stern's review of this lens below and see for yourself:

Here are a few of the shots Stern took with the Lomo T43. (You can check out all of his samples here.) Click on each image for higher resolution:  

Lomo_1Credit: Mathieu Stern

Lomo_3Credit: Mathieu Stern

Lomo_6Credit: Mathieu Stern

07032016-dsc05246-1024x683Credit: Mathieu Stern

The lens is clearly adept at producing images with great detail and high contrast, though you will have to do a little retooling in order to mount it inside your camera. But for a $5 lens, you might not mind doing a little MacGyvering to make it work.

Source: Mathieu Stern