In this video from StudioBinder, a start-up that allows users to create call sheets online, 1st AD Alex Stein explains exactly what a call sheet is, what information should be on it, and how to read one.

There is quite a lot of need-to-know on-set information that makes a call sheet the integral piece of paper that it is, so here's a quick breakdown of all of those pieces mentioned in the video (StudioBinder goes into more detail in their blog post):

  • Production, Call Time, and Date
  • VIP Contact Details
  • Weather, Address, and Parking
  • Production Notes
  • Daily Schedule
  • Talent & Crew Breakdown
  • Nearest Hospitals
  • Walkie Channels

If you're worried about having to create a call sheet from scratch, don't be. There are a bunch of ways to get your hands on templates online, some of which are free. Or you can sign up for platforms like StudioBinder, which give you access to templates and let you share and manage all of your production documents in one place.

Source: StudioBinder Blog