And the 2016 Webby Award Winners Are...

The winners for the 2016 Webby Awards were announced yesterday!

For the uninitiated, The Webby Awards recognize the best and brightest websites, advertising, and mobile sites that the internet has to offer. But we're here to give you the rundown on the winners from the Online Film and Video category, from mashup hits like Earl Sinclair from Dinosaurs performing The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Hypnotize" to gripping political pieces about the journey Syrian refugees have been forced to take on-foot.


Animation (Branded)

Art & Experimental

Best Editing

Best Individual Performance

Best Use of Interactive Video

Best Web Personality/Host

Best Writing

Comedy: Individual Short or Episode

Comedy: Long Form or Series

Documentary: Individual Episode

Documentary: Series

Drama: Individual Short or Episode

Drama: Long Form or Series

Entertainment (Channel)

Events & Live Webcasts

  • Webby Winner: SNL: 40 (VRSE.Works)

  • People's Voice: TED (TED)

Fashion & Beauty

Fashion & Beauty (Channel)

Gaming (Channel)

How-To & DIY

How-To & DIY (Channel)

Integrated Campaigns

Live Experiences

Long Form


Music (Channel)

Music Video

News & Information (Channel)

  • Webby Winner: CBSN (CBS News Digital)

  • People's Voice: AJ+ (AJ+)

News & Politics: Individual Episode

News & Politics: Series

Public Service & Activism

Public Service & Activism (Channel)

Video is no longer available:


Science & Education

Science & Education (Channel)


Video is no longer available:


Short Form


Sports (Channel)


Travel & Adventure


  • Webby Winner/People's Voice: Mums and Maids (Ogilvy & Mather Singapore)

VR: Cinematic or Pre-Rendered

  • Webby Winner/People's Voice: Orchestra VR (Los Angeles Philharmonic Association / Secret Location)

VR: Cinematic or Pre-Rendered (Branded)

VR: Gaming, Interactive, or Real-time

VR: Gaming, Interactive, or Real-time (Branded)

Cardboard Crash VR for Google Cardboard


  • Webby Winner/People's Voice: SNL: 40 (VRSE.Works)

Variety (Channel)

Video Remixes/Mashups

Video is no longer available:


Viral (Branded)

Web Personality (Channel)


Don't forget! You can watch the 20th Annual Webby Awards on May 17th here    

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Never understood the webby awards.... Way to many off-axis categories to win in. It seems like an award for anything on the web - from series to website design - which is just WAY too much.

May 8, 2016 at 12:03AM, Edited May 8, 12:03AM