To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Canon 5D (which began shipping in August 2005), Canon U.S.A. hosted a screening and in-depth Q&A at Sundance 2016 fittingly titled "A Decade of DSLRs: Creative Minds Talk the Evolution of Hand-Held Filmmaking." As the author of The DSLR Cinematography Guide I was asked to host the event, and we are happy to release the panel as an episode of The No Film School Podcast.

The discussion featured a who's-who of cinematographers and directors with DSLR successes under their belt, including Joe Passarelli (Director of Photography, Anomalisa), Bryce Fortner (Director of Photography,Too Legit, Portlandia, W/ Bob & David), Lauren Greenfield (Director,The Queen of Versailles), Tom Hurwitz, ASC (Director of Photography,The Queen of VersaillesGhosts of Abu Ghraib, Our Brand Is Crisis), and Tim Smith (Senior Film and Television Advisor, Canon).

We showed video clips at the event of DSLR-shot material, which we are including here in the post for reference.

Portlandia, "Is the Chicken Local?"

Portlandia, "The Celery Incident"

Queen of Versailles trailer

"The Bling Dynasty" GQ series

Anomalisa trailer

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No Film School's podcasts from the 2016 Sundance Film Festival are sponsored by Canon and Rode Microphones.

No Film School's podcasts from the 2016 Sundance Film Festival are sponsored by Canon and Rode Microphones.

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