DIY filmmaking methods often yield a finished product characterized by a small number of characters in a small number of interior locations. Here Alone is an exception: a genre film incorporating a mix of survival, zombie, and post-apocalyptic influences, it is set almost entirely outdoors. While the film does feature a small number of characters, it also involves action, violence, effects, and, yes, zombies (or as the filmmakers characterize the infected, "almost zombie-like").

For this podcast I sat down with Director-Producer Rod Blackhurst and Producer Noah Lang just before their Tribeca Film Festival premiere. We discuss the frustration of trying to make films via established industry means, the desire to break out of that and just Do It Yourself, and the challenges encountered in the making of Here Alone.

Below are some production and behind-the-scene stills from the excellent Here Alone website, followed by some the shorts Rod has had selected as Vimeo Staff Picks.




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