Any grip with their salt knows how to use a rope to rig up or fasten pretty much anything in any situation safely and securely. So, let's take a second to learn which knots come in handy on set, as well as how to tie them. Here are a few tutorials that show you how to tie six useful filmmaking knots, including the Sheepshank, Figure 8, and Clove Hitch.

In these two tutorials, DP Shane Hurlbut shows you how to tie the Sheepshank and Figure 8.

In this tutorial from Repairs 101, you'll learn how to tie six different knots, but pay close attention to the Clove Hitch, Square Knot, and Bowline.

And here's one for the Lighterman's Hitch:

So, there you go—six different knots that will certainly come in handy on set. Just keep this in mind: tying a lot of knots doesn't mean something you rig is secure; that's why it's important to learn how to do these. Safety first!

There are plenty of other knots out there! Share some that you think all filmmakers should know how to tie in the comments below.