In an age where indie film distribution is characterized by tempestuous trial and error, many distributors have begun to shy away from the theatrical release. As a result, some filmmakers feel as if the onus is on them to self-distribute; turning to pay-to-play theatrical releases or direct-to-consumer VOD, they have tried to run their own marketing campaigns and take back control of the distribution Wild West. 

A24 has proven to be a knight in shining armor. The most innovative production studio and distribution company of our time, A24 is trying to reverse the tides (read: millennials don't like indies) and get audiences excited about creative risk-taking once again. How? By giving them a dose of just that.

The company's signature is its ingenious and cost-effective viral marketing campaigns. At SXSW in 2015, A24 created a Tinder profile for Ex Machina's Ava and, more recently, sent provocative texts and organized a wild bus ride to promote the Daniels' Swiss Army Man 

In a bid for an internship at A24, NYU film student Will Thede created this supercut tribute to the studio. Its fast-paced and creative editing evokes the ethos of A24: fresh, vibrant, and exciting.