Despite mounting concerns that movie theaters are losing millennial audiences to streaming services, a new study from the theatrical analytics company Movio found that young people under 25 go to the theater 8.5% more frequently than those over the age of 30. That accounts for 29% of yearly box office spending—not insignificant by any means.

Of course, not all so-called millennials are cut from the same cloth. Moviegoers under 25 are twice as likely to see a horror film as those over 30. This under-25 audience is also 25% more likely to see a young adult comedy and 13% less likely to see an animated film.

Unfortunately for the indie and art-house creators among us, the younger millennials are 45% less inclined to see a drama and 52% less interested in an indie film.

Below, check out Movio's infographic of its findings.

Understanding-millennial-moviegoers-infographic-rgb-usCredit: Movio

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