July 24, 2016

This Might Be the Greatest Disney Mashup Ever Made

Watch and you'll see, someday I'll be part of your world!

Most of us who grew up watching Disney movies understand what it's like to stare at a screen in complete awe and wonderment at the incredible spectacle that is unfolding before our eyes. From Snow White to Finding Nemo, Disney has a way of tickling our funny bones while tugging at our heartstrings, which is why they're still making successful movies today. Whether you're a diehard Golden Disney, Disney Renaissance, or Disney Dark Age fan, this amazing mashup by Lindsay McCutcheon is a must-see for anyone who loves Disney flicks.

The latest resurgence of quality animated films from Disney, which includes Wreck it Ralph, Frozen, and Tangled, is what some are calling Disney's Second Renaissance, which is quite a compliment considering the iconic films that make up the first one.

Back in the 80s, Disney was in a bit of a weird slump, churning out films that didn't seem to fare too well, like Oliver and Company, The Great Mouse Detective, and The Fox and the Hound. But one film, made right at the end of the decade in 1989, came in and brought Disney into one of its most praised and highly regarded eras, the Disney Renaissance, and that movie was The Little Mermaid.

Because I grew up during the 90s, identifying with the Disney princesses was kind of a right of passage for many kids my age (for me, it was learning how to dominate with a sai like Raphael in TMNT), and so, naturally, I'm a total Disney Renaissance fan. Yes, I wanted a pet capuchin like Aladdin did, and yes, I had a very confusing crush on Simba because he was voiced by JTT, and yes, I can literally recite The Little Mermaid from start to finish.

McCutcheon's mashup, with all of its fantastic editing, reminds us of how exciting and fun it is to watch a Disney movie. Disney movies aren't always great, but when they are they're spectacularly great and end up changing your childhood forever. Magical!      

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The featured video is clearly "inspired" by the above amv, and the editing in the anime one is superior, in my opinion. However, the creator of the Disney one has not cited any sort of inspiration, and that is dishonest, as I see it. If you are heavily inspired by something, own it. Hiding from it just make you look like a hack.

July 25, 2016 at 2:46AM, Edited July 25, 2:46AM

Jacob Floyd
Writer / Videographer

Damnnnn, that's pulling a Melania. Like i respect both of their work, but you're right

July 25, 2016 at 12:04PM


Eh, I dunno. They both use the same song (which is no sin on its own, mind) but I think if you wanna say they're edited similarly then that would come largely from the fact that the language of editing, particularly for music videos, only has a limited number of ways of coming together. They both need to visually express the fast paced, mashup nature of the song while also keeping the source videos visually coherent and recognizable as they transition in and out.

In fact, I think there are more differences between the two than similarities. Fan.tasia uses a lot more complicated compositing, transitions by using moving elements in one clip to cover wipes to the next, and really likes the whole "pull out from the iris" thing where Imagine prefers a lot of quick cuts and fades. Between the two, I think Fan.tasia is superior from a technical sense.

The only thing I could say is inspired by Imagine was the credits section at the end which, even then, was done better. But really, since when has inspiration required credit? It's far from a rip-off and it's not like Fan.tasia recreated Imagine shot for shot.

July 25, 2016 at 4:36PM, Edited July 25, 4:38PM

Victor Frost
Producer at FrostWorks Inc.

The remix artist Pogo has been doing this for years but takes the idea much further. He's creating completely new songs using sounds from existing Disney films. And they're amazing.

Snow White

Mary Poppins

Alice in Wonderland

Various Disney films

Sword in the Stone

July 26, 2016 at 2:15PM


This is an amazing editing piece of work!!!
I'm just watching it over and over.
If someone has any tutorial about the techniques it will be very very appreciated.
now I will go a watch it again!!!

July 27, 2016 at 12:22AM

Guilllermo Castellanos