The Audience Awards are somewhat of an online video contest platform mecca. There are tons of contests up on the site, but today, one in particular caught our eye. Their newest contest, the cleverly named ReelPitch Challenge, invites filmmakers from around the globe to submit a pitch video of their film or web series. Not a script, not a finished film. Just a pitch. 

Whether you are in pre-production, production, post-production or distribution & outreach with your film, you can submit your crowdfunding video, trailer or film pitch to one of the four categories. The categories correspond exactly to those stages of development. The selection process is a long one, however. After going through a screening process to see if your project passes muster, you'll have to make it through a first round of votes to make it to the final round. The three videos that receive the most votes from the online community and the top two Jury selections from each category will move on.

As is the case many times with these types of contests, the prize makes it worthwhile. The contest will distribute $25,000 in cash among the winners, as well as two music licenses for Filmstro, the world's first soundtrack creation studio, to the four projects that win. Most importantly, the entry fee is only $20. The prizes break down like this: 

Audience Awards 1st place: $10,000 + a Filmstro soundtrack license for movie up to $1M budget worth $1999

Audience Awards 2nd place: $2,500

Jury Awards 1st place: $10,000 + a Filmstro soundtrack license for movie up to $1M budget worth $1999

Jury Awards 2nd place: $2,500

The videos can be a max of ten minutes and you have until August 9th to get them in. Time to get pitchin!' Enter here.

Source: ReelPitch Challenge