Are you confused when someone says they are going to "break story"? Have you always wondered what a one-step deal is? Maybe you just need to know how to format a phone conversation in your screenplay. John August has the e-book for you.

The 100 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Screenwriting, an e-book edited by Stuart Friedel and Godwin Jabangwe from John August's website, covers all of the screenwriting basics in 81 pages. You can download your copy for free from now. The website will ask for your email address in exchange for the book, and will let you know when the e-book has been updated.


The e-book covers screenplay formatting, terms, general screenwriting topics, script presentation, credits, structure, screenwriting gurus, TV, rights, agents/managers and more. This isn't a how-to book on screenwriting. Rather, this e-book is a summary of the most frequently asked questions received on the site.

If you want to learn more about the craft of screenwriting, you should subscribe to the Scriptnotes podcast. The podcast is free and the most recent 20 episodes are available on iTunes and A premium subscription at $1.99/month gives you access to all previous episodes, or you can buy the first 250 episodes on a USB flash drive for $25.

In this week's episode of Scriptnotes, John August admitted that he supervised the creation of the book and hadn't personally edited every single entry in the e-book before putting it online, so he encourages readers to use the email address in the front of the e-book to report problems or errors. Download your free copy from